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"Making our streets car-free is the most radical design decision we have made at Las Catalinas.  I assure you plenty of people tried to talk us out of it" - Visionary of Las Catalinas

As a travel destination, Las Catalinas has grown in importance in recent years, being featured and on covers of major travel publications such as Travel + Leisurethe New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Described as a "Costa Rican paradise, made to order for travelers", this coastal resort town has gained international acclaim for its small-town vibe, authentic Costa Rican culture, and scenic beauty. While its luxurious boutique hotel Casa Chameleon has won awards for its zero-edge infinity pool, the town grounds also offer a large share of its 70+ villas and apartments as vacation homes, with guests being able to mingle with full and part-time residents and turning this local community into a more international, cultural melting-pot of like-minded types.


World Class Fishing

World Class Fishing

Offshore and deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica is Considered a Holy Grail experience by anglers around the world. Our late model and state of the art fleet comprises 27’ outboard to 47’ glorious sport fish with some of the most storied skippers and crew in the region. Fully stocked with the appropriate bait for whatever is running that season including sailfish, various types of marlin, snapper, roosterfish, and tuna. Truly a sportsman’s paradise includes this high-end world-class experience.

Zip Line Guanacaste National Forest

Zip Line Guanacaste National Forest

A thrilling ride across the century’s old treetops in the foothills of the globally recognized Guanacaste National Forest. A tried but true tour interesting to thrill seekers made exponentially more exciting with the stunning views and natural proximity to sloths, macaws, and Costa Rican monkeys.The hour and a half ride to the site comes with interesting sites, photographic pit stops and a professional Trip Director with beverages, cool towels, fun and interesting local knowledge, and plenty of insurance.

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Las Catalinas Residential Resort

Surrounded by tropical nature on land and at sea, Las Catalinas is a beautiful, car-free, fully walkable beach town in Costa Rica. An increasingly popular destination for travelers from near and far, Las Catalinas offers a variety of vacation rentals for short or long-term stays. From cozy flats to spacious villas, all are fully serviced by our famously friendly and helpful staff. Connect with a healthier, more satisfying and sustainable way of life.

Best for: Adventure, The Beach, ECO

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Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas

We planted our roots here and fully embodied the spirit of Pura Vida. It was a time of inspiration, the moment to breathe life into our hospitality vision and unveil Casa Chameleon Hotels – an intimate escape as it should be.

Enjoy an endless sea of Pura Vida at Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas, a secluded paradise where adventurous moments meet serene comfort. Explore the streets of our cosmopolitan hometown, choose from one of our many handcrafted experiences or sit back and soak in the sun all day from your private pool villa… a long list of extraordinary memories awaits you.

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