Welcome to Our World

Over the last 30 years (or so!) our partners have been in the business of global events across continents and developing resorts in newly forming destinations. We’ve mastered events down to the oceans’ depths and up the highest mountains in an effort to better familiarize our friends and colleagues with a vast and beautiful planet.  Bahayan has grown from this legacy and we humbly invite others to explore the wonders of our world up close, in depth, and in person to be transformed by the experience.

When you travel with us, you gain access to people and places that are enriched by the knowledge of our experts and guides, and by local characters we meet along the way.  Your participants will experience the upmost in personal attention, authenticity, all represented by the finest experience providers the destination has to offer.

Knowledge: Let Our Experts Guide You

Bahayan opens the doors to destinations around the world.  Our relationships with local experts allow us special access to places and secret hideaways. Traveling with us, you are welcomed home to a celebration of an ancient Aboriginal culture in the Australian Outback to sifting through Mayan pottery in Belize to climbing the majestic steps of Machu Picchu along with any experience one can imagine we can manifest!  

When You Travel with Us, You Make a Difference

When you travel with us, you support the local community enhancing the experience of the group as well as the lives of the local people that we meet. Our CSR Opportunities are outlined for you depending on the level of impact you wish to make.