Knowledge is Buying Power


Even if your vision is not in our immediate collection, it very well could be. With our site selection assistance, stellar discernment, expert negotiation and event operation resources, anywhere and almost anything is our command.  


  • Global Knowledge

The Bahayan destination team has visited more than 45 countries and 5 continents with more than 40 years of collective “industry” experience. Our passion is unequaled and vision for excellence keen which will result in your Best Trip Ever!

  • Collective Spirit

Our collection and those we source pass a strict reference test, our personal experience! Resort excellence, destination intelligence, personal experience and client anecdotes comprise first person discernment when partnering with passion. The love of travel is in our DNA and we are proud to share this with you.

  • Preferred Rates

With our purchasing power and veteran industry knowledge we pay for ourselves in cost savings and experience alone. Regardless, our service is free to you, we ask only for testimonials and referrals of your Best Trip Ever!

  • Industry Relationships

Bahayan and our partners know everybody or someone who does. With Bahayan, the world is literally at your fingertips and on the horizon of endless possibilities.

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